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'Market' Experiences: 

  • Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Nuclear, Oil&Gas, Power, Steel & Mining, Aerospace, Brewery, Food&Beverage, Cosmetic&Hygiene, Pharma&Biotech

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'Product' experiences :

  • Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) for Polyester (Polyethylene Terephthalate -PET) production going into textile, packaging and films applications.​

  • Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Purified Isophthalic Acid (PIA) for Unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPR) production going into composites materials and gelcoats.

  • High performances fibers (Nomex® meta-aramid & Kevlar® para-aramid fibers) for composites materials prepreg systems going into the industry, especially into the automotive, aerospace, transportation (rail, bus), sports and leisure, marine and construction markets.

  • High performances fibers (Nomex® meta-aramid & Kevlar® para-aramid fibers) going into ropes and cables, speakers, laundry and high temperature filtration applications.

  • Polybutenes (PBT) and Trimellitic Anhydride (TMA) going into paints, coatings, inks​ and cosmetic applications.

  • Structural Epoxy and PU based adhesives going into construction (aluminium, glass), energy (solar and wind), transportation, signage and industrial pipes (FRP) application​s.

  • Polyester films (PET Melinex® films) and Polypropylene films (PP Propafilm® films) going into the food and industrial packaging industry.

'Education' experiences:

EM Business School in Lyon, France:

  • Master2 - International Business Development and Strategy

  • Master2 - International Strategy and Marketing B2B

  • Master Entrepreneurship

  • Case studies creation

INSEEC MSc & MBA in Lyon, France:

  • Master2 - Communication & Social Media

Dauphine University in Paris, France:

  • Master2 - Marketing & Strategy (Business Development)

VOLTAIRE BUSINESS SCHOOL in Ferney Voltaire, France:

  • Bachelor 3 up to MBA - Strategic & Digital Marketing

SWISS EDUCATION GROUP in Montreux, Switzerland:

  • SEG Pro - Marketing

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'Start-ups' experiences, associations, supports...:



  • –HEYOU


  • ...

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