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Develop successful Sales and Marketing strategies as well as sharp and operational tactics in order to make companies remained or became the preferred partners of their clients in targeted markets.

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  • Self-proprietary modules developed by EVOLVING: ​


  • ​​New! CrisisOLVING®: "Management tactics to recover in a downturn economy" module

  • MarketOLVING®: Marketing plan elaboration module 

  • SegmentOLVING®: Markets/Customers segmentation module 

  • ValuepropOLVING®: Value proposition elaboration module

  • CommunicatOLVING®: Communication strategy elaboration module

  • KamOLVING®: Key account policy elaboration module

  • SalesTechOLVING® et NegociatOLVING®: Selling techniques and commercial negotiations optimization modules

  • DistributOLVING®: Distribution network management module

  • PresentOLVING®: Professional presentations techniques module

  • CoachOLVING®: Personal development and coaching module

  • RelatiOLVING®: Interpersonal communication module


  • A structured and methodical approach:


  • Audit: Define, Listen, Measure, Analyze

  • Recommendation: Conception, Proposition, Validation

  • –Implementation: Actions and Performance Monitoring


  • Your return on investment (ROI):

–Mid- and long-term financial performance improvement: Revenue growth, gross margin increase, cash improvement

  • –Stronger market penetration, focus on growth segments, selection of effective distribution networks

  • Stronger customers focus:

    • –Methodical key accounts selection

    • –Needs definition, value proposition fine-tuning, positioning, and messaging

    • –Market shares gain or re-gain

    • –Customer-Supplier relationship improvement

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