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Evolving, sales & Marketing expertise...

EVOLVING is a service company known for its expertise in sales and marketing performance to ensure controlled, sustainable and profitable growth for its clients. Evolving is known for its effectiveness in strategic business consulting, training and continuing education.


–EVOLVING ambition is to become a recognized French leader in Sales & Marketing performance expertise, which drives customers to a well managed sustainable and profitable growth.


EVOLVING commitment is to always provide its customers with added value, while establishing a unique partnership based on mutual trust and respect.


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Develop successful Sales & Marketing strategies as well as  sharp operational tactics in order to make companies remained or became the favorite partners of their clients in targeted markets.

Develop teams' Sales & Marketing expertise to make them more effective in their daily role and responsibilities.


La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d'actions de formation

Develop students' Sales & Marketing skills and competencies to make them became operational leaders in their future business environment.



A team of professional experts in Sales & Marketing dedicated to offer fine-tuned solutions meeting customers requirements and exceeding their expectations.

Edouard Cassal
Edouard Cassal, EVOLVING President & CEO



Mars 2022 : EVOLVING et la CCIG

logo qualiopi

Novembre 2021 : EVOLVING et la certification Qualiopi

La certification qualité QUALIOPI a été délivrée en France au titre de la catégorie d'actions de formation

Formations edouard cassal

Septembre 2021 : EVOLVING et son catalogue de formations

Le Progrès.png

Avril 2021 : EVOLVING et Le Progrès

groupe de personnes au raid Dalmatie

October, 2019 : EVOLVING and the Dalmatie Raid...


July 2020 : EVOLVING and Customer Satisfaction...

edouard cassal

Février 2020 et 2021: EVOLVING et Lyon People

groupe de personnes au CES las Vegas

Janvier 2019: Evolving et le CES Las Vegas






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